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  • All provided information will be kept strictly confidential您提供的所有隐私信息将会严格保密 Sunday School runs from 11:20 to 11:50 on Sundays(school term)that starts from 05/02/2023. All the kids will remain at the reserved seats in the church after Offertory. 2023年主日学开学时间为2月5日,上课时间11:20-11:50 am,结束后老师带领孩子回到教堂预留座位上参与弥撒。 Sunday School opens for between 4 years to 12 years aged. 主日学目前招收4至12岁的学生. 请家长扫下方二维码添加微信家长群。
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  • Incident management permission受伤急救授权书

    I(parent/ Guardian )父母/监护人   *   *here by authorise the teacher or helper to give emergency assistance/First Aid for my child or call Ambulance if urgent, such as epilepsy. A proper treatment for little incidents during classes, eg: finger cut with scissors, fall down, nosebleed, etc 我_XXX(父母/监护人)特此授权老师或助手为我的孩子提供紧急急救,或在紧急情况下呼叫救护车,例如癫痫病。也可为上课时发生小事故采取适当的治疗方法,例如:剪到手指、摔倒、流鼻血等
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  • Consent to Film and Photograph a child肖像授权

  • All intellectual property rights, including copyright, in the Recordings are owned by WSCCC (or its representatives) and any intellectual property rights that I/my Child may have in the Recordings are fully assigned to WSCCC; Sunday School其间的所有知识产权,包括版权均归WSCCC(或其代表)所有/我的孩子在记录中可能拥有的任何知识产权均可完全转让给WSCCC
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